Signatures and Comments for “Legalize Cockfighting In The U.S.” Petition


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  1. I spend over $100 a week on my cickens (that is more than I spend at the grocery store). The markets I help by my spending are feed stores, feed mills, veternarians, pharmaceuticals (antibiotics, vitamins, wormers, etc.), hay farmers, lumber mills and hardware stores, snd pet supply stores. I also pay taxes on the land that houses these chickens (which I wouldn’t need if I didn’t have them). I have people that buy GAME chickens from me because they want to produce their own meat and eggs and the GAME chickens have the best chance of survival against preditors. My father and several of my uncles were in the military and fought for our freedoms…I don’t think they would have done it if they knew that our own government was going to come back one day and take our rights away. I don’t drink and I don’t do drugs, but I do fight chickens…and I love it.

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