History of Cockfighters Day

Happy Cockfighters Day!
Every 2nd Sunday of July!

Sunday is the biggest day in the sports of cockfighting every week.

  • Cockfighters Day is celebrated every 2nd Sunday of July by most countries since 2011
  • Fathers Day is celebrated by most countries on 3rd Sunday of June
  • Mothers Day is celebrated by most countries on 2nd Sunday of May

Néstor Martínez Rivero and Milagros “Milly” Marquina are both from Puerto Rico but they are associated with different groups of cockpits.

Milagros “Milly” Marquina reached out last year to ask for our support to Dia Mundial del Gallero Y Galleras (World Day of Cockfighters and Cockpits) 10 de Julio (Every 10th of July).

It was well before 10 July 2011 which happened to be the second Sunday of July 2011.

Right away, events on social network were created as our support for this idea.

A while later, Néstor Martínez Rivero saw our events and mentioned that they already celebrated Dia del Galleros Y Galleras (Day of Cockfighters and Cockpits) and theirs was every 30th of May.

iban, chachapoyan, afghan, and american cockfightersIban, Chachapoyan, Afghan, and American cockfighters

american and chinese cockfightersAmerican and Chinese cockfighters

puerto rican and ecuadorian cockfightersPuerto Rican and Ecuadorian cockfighters

filipino cockfightersFilipino cockfighters

Cockfighter Day Slide05Happy Cockfighters Day – “Countries/Territories Name, World Map”

Cockfighter Day Slide06Happy Cockfighters Day – “I Love You” greetings in different languages and dialects

filipino and english/indian cockfighters by filipino and german painters, respectivelyFilipino and British/Indian cockfighters by Filipino and German painters, respectively

cockfighters from belgium, mughal empire (pakistan/india), philippines, and latin america by respective paintersCockfighters from Belgium, Mughal Empire (Pakistan/India), Philippines, and Latin America by respective painters

cockfighters by painters from peru, mughal empire (pakistan/india), mexico, and russiaCockfighters by painters from Peru, Mughal Empire (Pakistan/India), Mexico, and Russia

filipino and french cockfightersFilipino and French cockfighters

Cockfighters by artists from Yaudheya (India), Silla (Korea), and Ancient Greece Cockfighters by artists from Yaudheya (India), Silla (Korea), and Ancient Greece

Cockfighters from Thailand/Burma, Greece, and Cambodia Cockfighters from Thailand/Burma, Greece, and Cambodia

american, pakistani, east timorese, and puerto rican cockfightersAmerican, Pakistani, East Timorese, and Puerto Rican cockfighters

belgian and indian cockfightersBelgian and Indian cockfighters

afghan and ecuadorian cockfightersAfghan and Ecuadorian cockfighters

puerto rican cockfightersPuerto Rican cockfighters

cockfighters from laos, india, and east timorCockfighters from Laos, India, and East Timor

east timorese and filipino/american cockfightersEast Timorese and Filipino/American cockfighters

filipino and american cockfightersFilipino and American cockfighters

filipino and cuban cockfightersFilipino and Cuban cockfighters

cockfighters from latin america and southeast asiaCockfighters from Latin America and Southeast Asia

cockfighters from east timor and philippinesCockfighters from East Timor and Philippines

Thus, this is our current list of known celebrations of Cockfighters Day!

  1. 30 May
  2. 10 July
  3. Every 2nd Sunday of July

Nestor and Milly, both Puerto Rican Cockfighters


Abel Apodaca: “I have always like the 25 of November to start the season off.”


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