Saying “I’m A Cockfighter” is NOT a crime.


Dear Cockfighters From All Over The World,

Remember NOT to commit self-incrimination.

  • By NOT saying “I fielded roosters in a cockfighting competitions.”
  • By NOT saying “I fought roosters in a cockfighting event.”
  • By NOT saying “I keep roosters for cockfighting purposes.”

And NOT to commit perjury.

  • By NOT saying “I just breed and sell game chickens.”
  • By NOT saying “I have nothing to do with cockfighting.”

Click photo to download front design. Print your own TSHIRT.

Instead, become a Liberty Activist WITHOUT the danger of self-incrimination and of perjury.

  • Proudly say “I support cockfighting freedom.”
  • Proudly say “I am for the repeal of cockfighting ban.”
  • Proudly say “I’m A Cockfighter.”

– Gameness til the End



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